Slough Colnbrook Pippins
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Latest Data 18/02/2020 12:00:00

The air pollution is categorised as LOW, MODERATE, HIGH or VERY HIGH by comparison with the National Air Pollution Index and Banding System.

Parameter Index Band Measurement Period
 PM1   n/a   n/a   2 µg/m3 (Osiris)   24 Hour mean 
 PM10   n/a   n/a       
 PM2.5   1   Low   6 µg/m3 (Osiris)   24 Hour mean 
 TSP   n/a   n/a   14 µg/m3 (Osiris)   24 Hour mean 
Site Details
Site Name Slough Colnbrook Pippins
Easting 503542
Northing 176827
Grid Ref
Comments Pippins School, Raymond Close, Colnbrook, Slough, SL3 OPR
Parameter Details
Parameter Date Started Date Ended
 PM1   17/01/2005   ongoing 
 PM10   17/01/2005   ongoing 
 PM2.5   17/01/2005   ongoing 
 TSP   17/01/2005   ongoing