Slough Town Centre A4
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Latest Data 25/11/2019 21:00:00

The air pollution is categorised as LOW, MODERATE, HIGH or VERY HIGH by comparison with the National Air Pollution Index and Banding System.

Parameter Index Band Measurement Period
 NO   n/a   n/a       
 NO2   n/a   n/a       
 NOXasNO2   n/a   n/a       
 PM10   n/a   n/a       
Site Details
Site Name Slough Town Centre A4
Easting 496709.64
Northing 180104.28
Grid Ref
Comments Salt Hill Park, Bath road Slough, 10 metres from busy main road. Residential properties at same distance.
Parameter Details
Parameter Date Started Date Ended
 NO   19/10/2000   ongoing 
 NO2   19/10/2000   ongoing 
 NOXasNO2   19/10/2000   ongoing 
 PM10   15/11/2000   ongoing