Slough Lakeside 2 Osiris
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Latest Data 13/04/2024 18:00

The air pollution is categorised as LOW, MODERATE, HIGH or VERY HIGH by comparison with the National Air Pollution Index and Banding System.

Parameter Index Band Measurement Period
 PM1   n/a   n/a   3 µg/m3 (Osiris)   24 Hour mean 
 PM10   n/a   n/a       
 PM2.5   1   Low   5 µg/m3 (Osiris)   24 Hour mean 
 TSP   n/a   n/a   11 µg/m3 (Osiris)   24 Hour mean 
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Parameter Details
Parameter Date Started Date Ended
 PM1   12/07/2007   ongoing 
 PM10   12/07/2007   ongoing 
 PM2.5   12/07/2007   ongoing 
 TSP   12/07/2007   ongoing